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Multilanguage Admin updates and extensions

Kategorie: Sphere

I fixed some bugs and added more admin console options. The whole system can be downloaded here or you can find it in SphereX-Scriptpack. More information about the changes below.


2.10.2020 - first edition

5.10.2020 - Description of changes:
- Turkish and French languages ​​fixed
- Adjusted language loading, if lang is not in the list, it will automatically switch to English.
Many thanks to Jhobean for the additions, corrections and ideas he made.

20.12.2020 - included in scriptpack sphere X1

6/30/2021 - Description of changes:
- Fixed bugs in guild definitions and validation.
- Added Spanish - Translated by GorGo
- Added optional Admin Console extension with GM Function and Region Creator
  (Permissions can be set in the defnames.scp file based on weeds and sysmessage color.)
- GM Function contains basic GM commands, the ability to send a system message to the world in bold and the Region Creator.
  The orders are divided by weed. you may have it differently, you need to adjust this.
  The color of the text of the message sent to the world and the color of the preset texts can be changed in the defnames.scp file
- Region Creator created by Reflex. https://forum.spherecommunity.net/sshare.php?srt=1&uid=686.
  I modified it for the X1 version. 

Download: Here or within SphereX-Scriptpack

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