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Návod na stavbu židlí

Návod na stavbu židlí

Toto je instrukce, jak stavět na CentrEdu+ nebo i jinak židličky. Jednak lze používat stávající originál židle a pak i nové. Jde o to, že celá léta byl problém přidat nové vlastní grafiky židlí a jiných sedacích itemů. Přišel jsem na způsob, jak obelstít clienta a nové sedací itemy stavět. V zásadě je to jednoduché. .....

  • Autor: AdminPJ Golfin
  • Vydáno: 7.11.2020 3:49
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Multilanguage Admin

Multilanguage Admin

I have gathered from different versions of sphere and forum several useful features into the admin console. First, I have to say, it's not my job. I just put together the finished scripts and edited them. I used what has already been written.

Many thanks to the sphere developers from the past who scripted the admin console. I came up with the idea to return the original admin from version 1.0, a branch of sphere that has not been evolving for many years. But the admin was good with her. Then I used a great info tool from Mordaunt. Thank you very much for his inspiration. Also thanks to Coruja for his admin console, according to which I built the search into the multilanguage version and some graphical features. Then thank you Breaker for implementing Max char in the script. It helped me a lot. Then thank you Soulless for delivering the state codes. And also MirroR_ for the translation into Turkish. When I started doing this, I didn't really want to create a multilanguage version. The paradox is that I won't use it myself, because I'm scripting another admin console tailored for my server. But over time, I realized it might be a good idea, so I did.

  • Autor: AdminPJ Golfin
  • Vydáno: 2.10.2020 18:04
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