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Multilanguage Admin

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Multilanguage Admin

I have gathered from different versions of sphere and forum several useful features into the admin console. First, I have to say, it's not my job. I just put together the finished scripts and edited them. I used what has already been written.

Many thanks to the sphere developers from the past who scripted the admin console. I came up with the idea to return the original admin from version 1.0, a branch of sphere that has not been evolving for many years. But the admin was good with her. Then I used a great info tool from Mordaunt. Thank you very much for his inspiration. Also thanks to Coruja for his admin console, according to which I built the search into the multilanguage version and some graphical features. Then thank you Breaker for implementing Max char in the script. It helped me a lot. Then thank you Soulless for delivering the state codes. And also MirroR_ for the translation into Turkish. When I started doing this, I didn't really want to create a multilanguage version. The paradox is that I won't use it myself, because I'm scripting another admin console tailored for my server. But over time, I realized it might be a good idea, so I did.

However, not everything is perfect. On the one hand, I would like to ask you to correct the available language mutations. I translated it using a google translator, and it's not perfect. Furthermore, for French (Used in France and Belgium) and Italian, I had to save the system messages to a language file due to the need for UTF8 encoding. But that makes a problem with the sphere. Because I don't know which diacritical marks to remove, you will need corrections and corrections. Also, I don't have the required characters in my font.mul and unicode font UO files. If you don't have them, you have to supply them yourself. Or just don't use accents. But it would be better to have it right. Please, if any of you fix it, send it back to me, include it and exchange it in files. Otherwise, that's probably all. Don't forget to install this admin in spheretables.scp. I wish you a lot of fun.

Supported languages: Czech, Slovak, French (France and Belgium), English (US and UK), Italian, German, and Turkish.

Download: Here

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PJ Golfin
Since there were a few people who didn't know how to deal with multilanguage admin for older versions of UO, I added the second variant for older versions of UO. The package includes Multilanguage_Admin_NewUO.zip and Multilanguage_Admin_OldUO.zip. It's up to you which one to choose, but to use version 7.0.35, choose Multilanguage_Admin_OldUO.zip. There are already new gumps in version, so a new admin variant can be used.
PJ Golfin
Fixed version uploaded.

Description of changes:
- Turkish and French languages fixed
- Adjusted language loading, if lang is not in the list, it will automatically switch to English.

Many thanks to Jhobean for the additions, corrections and ideas he made.
PJ Golfin
PS: Gump ID 30550, ie the background of the whole admin console is a new image. If you do not have it in the older version of the UO, change ID 30550 to another gump ID that your UO contains.

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